Application for job transfer

Dear Leaders:

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this application.

My name is Devin, I have been working in Suzhou Branch, because I want to study at the grass-roots level now I want to apply from the position of Suzhou mechanical engineer to transfer to our subordinate Tianjin after-sales service department job.

Working in Suzhou company these years, not only learned more professional knowledge, but also trained me hard-working, the courage to accept the spirit of challenge, but also let me learn more the truth of life. Here, thank the leadership for my training, thank colleagues for my help.

In order to learn more knowledge, better work, better service for the company in the future, I am eager to exercise in the post-sales service position. Hope to get leadership approval.

I am cheerful, whether life or work, are full of enthusiasm, positive and optimistic attitude so that I can withstand more pressure, but also make me full of motivation, good personality and character let me get along with colleagues happy, let me happy also let me know more about people, know the truth and skills, I believe that all this for my future, in my new job, This is very helpful.

I like the working atmosphere and working environment of our company, as well as the idea of creating people and people, and the importance to young people. I like this job very much, may not have any work experience in

after-sales service, but this is also my biggest motivation, I will study hard, I believe, in the after-sales service department training and my hard work, I will do better in the new job.

I look forward to your approval of my application. Thank you for taking the time to read my application from your busy schedule!


Applicant :Devin

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